Meraspe, overo L'olimpiade

opera lirica
20/04/1742 - Londra, King's Theatre in the Haymarket
Stagione 1741-42
Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista (1710 - 16/03/1736)


Meraspe, overo L'olimpiade
- prima cittadina
dramma per musica [pasticcio]
AA. VV. - compositore
Metastasio, Pietro - librettista
Rolli, Paolo Antonio - librettista
PersonaggiInterpretiNome in fonte Note
Clistene Angelo Amorevoli Amorevoli
Aristea Caterina Visconti signora Visconti
Argene [non indicato]
Licida Giovanni Battista Andreoni Andreoni
Meraspe Angelo Maria Monticelli Monticelli
Aminta [non indicato]
Alcandro [non indicato]


AnnoTitoloEdizioneLuogo ed Editore
1742Meraspe, overo L'olimpiade Londra, J. Chrichley


  • Loewenberg: col. 183 (Our fifth Opera was the Olimpiade, in which they retained most of Pergolesi's Songs & yet 'tis gone already, as if it had been a poor thing of Galuppi's. Two nights did I enjoy it all alone, snugg in a Nook in the Gallery, but found no one in those regions had ever heard of Pergolesi, nay, I heard several affirm it was a Composition of Pescetti's: now there is a 6th sprung up by the name of Cefalo & Procri (Thomas Gray's letter to lohn Chute, 24 May, 1742))
    Annals of opera, 1597-1940, 3. ed., London : Calder, 1978 xxv, 1756 p.
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